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About Our Services

The vision for Vimoksha is centered around assisting clients

to find distinctive answers to the dilemmas in their lives,

with the help of our intuitive tarot readings, and other divination tools,

so that they are able to attain adequate personal growth and realize their full potential in life. 

Magic Spell

Magic spell work is the art of identifying, raising, and directing the energy of a person or an object.

I have been casting powerful spells using herbs, candles, crystals, runes, connecting with angels and spirits to direct energy through my spell work for more than a decade now.

How I work?

  • Before committing to a Magic Spell for you I will connect with my guide angels and get the real picture of the situation.

  • Once its ascertained that your case is genuine and I receive a go head form my angels I will take up the case.

  • I will clearly discuss with you, research your case and determine which type of magic corresponds best to your case.

  • I will discuss details about the types of spells which correspond to your intensions. For example Candle Magic, Moon Magic, Voodoo, Witchcraft etc.

  • Upon confirmation from you I will start working on my Spell. 

  • I will share the spell details with you after performing the Spell.

  • Full PAYMENT to be made in advance.

  • Results will take at least 40 days to show up. Patience is the key.

  • All client details will be kept confidential and will not be used for commercial purpose.


Types of Spells and Energy Exchange

  • Candle Magic with Herbs, Oils and Crystals – Fixed Fee ₹2,100.

  • Energy Cord Cutting spell - Energy Exchange per person ₹2,100.

  • Black Magic Removal Spells – Energy Exchange ₹15,000 (Starting price).

  • Voodoo & Witchcraft which are super powerful Energy Exchange, starting range  ₹20,000 depending upon case to case.


Magic Spell List: 

  • Love Spells

  • Marriage Spells

  • Divorce Spells

  • Third Party removal spell

  • Banish spell

  • Business Success Spell

  • Job success Spell

  • Career Success Spell

  • Enemy binding spell

  • Spell for moving abroad

  • Spell for Legal Matters

  • Spells for Pregnancy

  • Spells for debt recovery

  • Spells for property

  • Spells for Visa


  • Black Magic, White Magic, Candle Magic, Voodoo, Witchcraft are very Powerful and strong Magic practices. Many people believe that Voodoo and Witchcraft are evil and are only used to harm others. You cannot generalise that white magic is good and black magic is evil. A Magic is neither good nor bad but it is your intention that makes a magic good or evil.

  • I am a strong believer of Law of KARMA - “Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us”. Hence I do not use my magic or my powers to harm anyone. So do not come to be with bad intensions to hurt others. And if you lie and try to manipulate me I will get to know so please don’t even try.

  • Except for 100% effort, neither Spell work come with 100% guarantee nor I give 100% guarantee that my spell work will bring the exact desired outcome. Please be prepared for it. 

  • Spells are not alternative to medical treatments. If you have health issues please consult a doctor.


Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is a way to answer people’s questions or counsel them using tarot cards,

by giving them an insight into their past, present or future.

Tarot readings allow you to tap into your divine and creative energies

and show the pathways to shift and channel them.

These readings can play a pivotal role in walking you through your unanswered questions,

By giving cues about possible scenarios and offering different ways to deal with them.

The highly intuitive tarot readings offered by us at Vimoksha

will help you to gain a well-rounded perspective about the

deep-rooted traumas and blockages which might be hindering your progress in life.

Rune Casting

Runes may also be cast to answer questions or proffer insights about the past, present or future.

Rune stones can help with some advice on how to address a particular issue,

by hinting towards potential answers and leaving out

the details for the individual to work out, using their intuitions.

Having this genuine knowledge and acceptance of the issues involved

can then go a long way in your journey towards healing,

attaining closure and moving forward in life.​

Once the issues are put in perspective using the tarot readings,

suitable methods, like reiki healing, crystal healing,

angel therapy, and the like, are used for spiritual healing.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can prove to be extremely effective in transforming and restoring one’s aura,

apart from preventing bad energy, releasing blocked energy,

promoting high energy levels and bringing balance to one’s life and mind.


One method of using crystal healing involves placing the crystals

on different parts of the body, corresponding to different chakras.

At Vimoksha, we make the special effort to charge the crystals

ourselves in accordance with the intentions and issues of our clients.


Angel Therapy

Angel therapy is another spiritual healing method,

which involves working with one’s guardian angels and archangels.

Connecting with guardian angels can help us generate

more peace in our lives, as they love us unconditionally and are enabled to

give us clear guidance in many spheres of our

lives, including finance, relationships and health.

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