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ViMoksha - Founder

Energy healer IERAA

Ieraa is a certified Silva Mind Control Meditation Practitioner from Silva

International, Inc., Laredo, Texas, United States. 

She is an intuitive tarot card reader and a gifted energy healer.

She has healed thousands of souls over a span of 12 long years.


Being an extremely curious soul, 

she has always been interested in knowing the ‘how’ and ‘why’

 of things in life and firmly believes that all individuals have a

 higher purpose in life.


 This thought process drew her towards the world of occult science

 a few years back and led her to pursuing it professionally. 


Apart from this, she also has a rich corporate experience as an 

HR professional at reputed organizations across India & abroad .


This dive into occult science has helped her to develop her intuitive 

power in a way that enables  her to comprehend people’s psyche

 in a more nuanced and intricate way, using of tarot cards and various 

divination tools.


 She considers tarot to be a very sacred, symbolic and

meaningful element of occult science. 

ViMoksha is Ieraa’s beloved brainchild;

a platform to spread and share

the knowledge as well as experience

she has gained in the field over the years. 

Ieraa swears by this quote by Jallaludin Rumi as she continues to progress in this field- 

Our purpose here on earth: to manifest the very nature of our spirit, which is touched by the spirit of  God.

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