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Code of Ethics & Disclaimer

Kindly keep the following guidelines in mind before booking :

  • The services which support healing are spiritual in nature and neither are not prescriptive, nor provide healthcare information. They are not alternatives to conventional medication, and rather should be used to complement and enhance it.

  • The readings provided by me represent my viewpoints, opinions, and are not carved in stone. The results will vary according to the decisions taken by the querents. Through all the inferences and guidance provided by me in the readings, I seek to help people gain insight into their lives, rather than predicting their future concretely.

  • I do not intend to use my readings in order to deceive, harm or hurt anybody’s feelings.   

  • All the details of the querents will be kept confidential and will not be shared with a third party. Similarly, I will not tap into the energies of a third party without their consent and share the details of their personal lives with you. 

  • No readings will be conducted for infants or children as underage readings are not entertained by me. 

  • If you have booked a Tarot Reading session with me, it is your responsibility to be available for it in the given time slot. In case of your failure in joining, the session will be cancelled and the fee will not be refunded. If the cancellation is initiated from our end, due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be provided with an alternate slot for the session or the fee will be refunded to you. 

  • I am 100% honest with my readings. So, if I am unable to tap into your energies, or interpret a card in the moment, I will let you know right away, rather than keeping you in the dark. 

  • I shall abstain from giving advice for areas I’m not qualified in. If the need for professional help is felt, I shall encourage the querent to seek help from a qualified expert. 

  • You are requested not to share the remedies I suggest to you, with others, as they are curated and customized as per my evaluation of your energy readings. Sharing them with others, without expert discretion can cause harm to others. 

  • All the information provided by us here is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.

  • By using this site and all the associated materials, you acknowledge and agree to personally assume responsibility for whichever way you decide to use this information. 

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