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    Tarot & Basic Crystal Healing Course

    Every 90 days
    Course Duration - 3 Months
    • Introduction to Tarot Cards
    • History and Origin of Tarot Cards
    • Guidance on purchasing the Authentic and original Tarot Card
    • Cleanse, charge, protect and maintain your tarot card
    • Protect yourself, your space & family from negative energies
    • Set up the Tarot Reading Table
    • Set up the Alter
    • Meditation & Connecting with card
    • Right way to shuffle and awake your cards
    • Grounding, Shielding and Cord Cutting Rituals.
    • Learn detailed indebted meanings of all 78 cards
    • Reverse meanings of all 78 cards
    • Time prediction, card symbology, colour meanings and zodiac
    • Tarot Spreads
    • Case studies
    • One on One reading practice
    • About Crystals and their energies
    • How to protect yourself with crystals?
    • Crystals for tarot table and your space
    • Meditating with crystal and working on your physic abilities
    • Healing yourself with crystals

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