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Can Crystals solve Money problems?

Updated: Mar 3

This is one of the most asked questions I have received in my decade-long profession as a crystal healer.

So for the question "Can Crystals Solve Money Problems?" The answer to this question is a big YES.


Not just financial issues, crystals when used, with the rich technique under the guidance of a skilled and professional crystal healer can solve issues related to every aspect of life. Healing Crystals are a boon to humankind.

Raw Pyrite

For financial issues, the most sought-after Crystal is Pyrite. Pyrite not only clears money blockages but also helps in reducing unnecessary expenditure and promotes saving habits to the bearer. It brings financial stability.



Pyrite when combined with other healing crystals can bring wonders to your financial health. Having said that simply buying a pyrite and using it doesn’t bring out its full benefits.


To be able to use the full potential of a pyrite stone one must consider these important points.

Pyrite Gem stone
  1. The best form of pyrite that will suit your needs.

  2. The exact size of the pyrite you will require.

  3. Wearing the pyrite or using it as a stone will be most suited for you.

  4. Is the Pyrite ACTIVATED?

  5. Is the Pyrite thoroughly cleansed changed and programmed with your personal details and intentions?

  6. How long it will take to show the desired results?

  7. How do I cleanse and charge my pyrite regularly?

  8. What do I do if I do see the desired results?

  9. Can I share my pyrite with other family members?

  10. Can pyrite bring negative results too.?


Pyrite Bracelet

I know these are a lot of questions and these questions must have occurred in your mind previously while thinking of starting your crystal journey.


The only person who can help you not only select the best and genuine pyrite for you but also handhold you through the process of working with crystals is a Certified Crystal Healer.


Pyrite Tree

Make sure you always purchase crystals from a certified crystal healer only and take their guidance on making the best use of your crystals post your purchase.


So, are you feeling the thrill to kick start your 2024 with the healing powers crystals then get in touch with us?


We will be happy to be a part of your crystal healing journey.

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