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We welcome you to the world of manifestations and healing.



Ieraa is an internationally certified Silva Mind Valley Meditation Practitioner and a divinely gifted ENERGY HEALER.

From a young age, Ieraa demonstrated a gift for understanding the energies that surround her, and this gift eventually led her to discover her true calling.

She hasbeen providing solace and healing multiple clients over the past decades through various divination tools like 
🧿 Tarot Card Reading
🧿 Akashic Records Reader 
🧿 Soul Path Reader
🧿 Past Life Regression 
🧿 Mediumship
🧿 Crystal Healer 


Ieraa is an internationally certified crystal healer and provides crystal healing , crystal consultation and offers authentic, cleansed charged and programmed crystals through her Brand Vimoksha.

What sets Ieraa apart is that being a healer is not just a title for her; it's a way of life. Her empathic, clairvoyant, and mediumistic abilities have made her a beacon of light for countless individuals seeking healing on multiple levels. Her touch, both physical and spiritual, has the power to soothe, mend, and uplift, creating lasting transformation in the lives of her clients.

Read the miraculous experiences shared by our clients!

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