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Tarot Workshop

Topics we will cover  in the Tarot Bootcamp
Date: 30 March 
1 Day workshop 

  • Introduction to tarot cards.

  • RIDER WAITE or OSHO ZEN tarot cards?

  • Brief history of tarot cards.

  • How can tarot card reading help us?

  • Tarot as a profession.

  • Who should learn tarot?

  • Impact of Tarot on daily life.

  • Prerequisites of becoming a professional tarot reader.

  • How to build intuition?

  • Q&A session.

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  • Tarot cards soft copies

  • Shopping Coupon


                          * Applicable on orders worth ₹3000

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Tarot Coach Ieraa is an internationally certified celebrity tarot card reader and an energy healer.
She is a gifted Physic reader and medium who has helped 1000s of souls over a period of 15 plus years.

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